Conductive Nickel Powders

Type 525 nickel powders are a high purity filamentary powder that has been screened to remove large or agglomerated particles. They are used in conductive coatings, adhesives and gaskets. Type 525 powder's excellent corrosion resistance, good conductive properties and unique filamentary shape make it very effective in radio frequency and electromagnetic shielding coatings. Small amounts added to coil coatings enhance weld ability. Two versions of Type 525 nickel powder are available, 525 B and 525 LD.

Conductive Nickel Spheres (CNS) were developed for use in conductive inks and pastes where their uniform size, smooth spherical shape and low surface area allow for maximum compaction of the nickel particles in the binder matrix. Up to 30% of CNS can be blended with pure silver without a significant loss of conductivity. The magnetic properties on nickel can be used to align the particles in unique patterns.

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Novamet Type 525 Nickel Powders
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Novamet Nickel Powders
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