Nickel Flakes

Novamet produces a variety of nickel flakes tailored to specific customer needs.

Type HCA-1 nickel flake is the premier nickel product used in coatings for shielding electronic components against electromagnetic and radio frequency interference (EMI/RFI). It can be used in both solvent and waterborne paint formulations using acrylic, urethane or epoxy resins. Other applications include conductive inks, adhesives and anti-static floor coatings.

Nickel Flake Fine Leafing is an excellent binder for Tungsten Carbides as it disperses readily and uniformly coats the particles. In PTFE (Teflon) cookware coatings, it adds a metallic look while promoting abrasion resistance and heat transfer. It is also used in powder coatings and high temperature anti-seize lubricants. A Pigment Grade is available for use in specialty inks where a magnetic signature is desired.

Nickel Flake Fine Water can be used in waterborne coatings where its pewter-like appearance offers design alternatives. In silicone coil coatings, nickel flake promotes weld ability.

Nickel Flake CHT is used in high temperature, anti-seize lubricants.

Product Data Sheets in pdf format

HCA-1 Nickel Flakes
Nickel Flakes

Novamet Nickel Flakes
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Download Material Safety Data Sheet (U.S. version)

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