Spherical Nickel Powders

Type 4SP nickel powder is a high purity spherical nickel powder that is ideal for making powder metal parts when high sintered density and controlled shrinkage are important. Four size ranges are available.

Type 4SP-10 (-10 micron) powder is the preferred choice for the metal injection molding (MIM) industry. It mirrors the size and shape of the carbonyl iron powder used in MIM and therefore allows for uniform distribution throughout the alloy composition.

Novamet also produces spherical powders SNP-20+10 (-20+10 micron), SNP+20 (+20 micron) and SNP-400 (-400 mesh) to give you a full range of particles sizes.  Other fractions can be developed upon request.

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Spherical Nickel Powder

Novamet Nickel Powders
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