Filamentary Nickel Powder Type 255


Filamentary Nickel Powder Type 255


Vale Type 255 nickel powder is the world's leading powder for the nickel battery industry. It is used for the production of sintered electrodes for NiCd and NiMH batteries as well as for fuel cell electrodes.

The high surface activity of T255 nickel powder's fine filamentary structure facilitates diffusion during sintering, ensuring high porosity with good strength, superior conductivity and long battery life.

Sintered nickel electrode batteries made with this nickel powder possess exceptionally long cycle lives and are very suitable for high rate discharge applications such as power tools or hybrid electric vehicles.

T255 nickel powder is also used as a conducting additive in pasted electrodes for batteries, electronics, paints, auto-related powder metallurgy and as a hard metal binder.


Vale Nickel Powder Type 255

United Kingdom T255 Premium Grade Product Data Sheet

United Kingdom T255 Standard Grade Product Data Sheet


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